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Assistant Winemaker Intern

Assistant Winemaker Intern stage viticulture en inde

¨ Organise the crushing and pressing of grapes, the settling of juice and the fermentation of grape material.
¨ Place filtered wine in casks or tanks for storage and maturation.
¨ Prepare plans for bottling wine once it has matured and make sure that quality is maintained when the wine is bottled.
¨ Supervisor cellar personnel involved in the production of wine.
¨ Co-ordination of tasks between vineyard and winery.
¨ Examines grape samples to ascertain presence and extent of such factors as sugar and acid contents, and ripeness.
¨ Orders grapes picked when analysis indicates they are at degree of ripeness desired.
¨ Coordinates processes and directs workers regarding to testing and crushing grapes, fermenting juice, fortifying, clarifying, aging, and finishing of wine, including, cooling, filtering, and bottling.
¨ Blends wine according to formulas or knowledge and experience in wine making. May also develop new processes to improve product.
¨ Determine the length of the maceration process. Guide the filtering of wine to remove remaining solids. Test the resulting wine to check quality and composition.
¨ Performs daily chemical and microbiological lab tests on juice/wine samples to ensure specifications are met.
¨ Performs technical analysis and sensory analysis to ensure specifications set by winemakers and regulatory authorities are met.
¨ Performs routine analysis utilizing appropriate distillation, titrametric, colorimetric and instrumental methods as required.
¨ Operates laboratory instruments such as an auto-titrator, refractometer, density meter, ion specific electrodes, gas chromatographs, high performance liquid chromatographs, infrared analyzers, atomic absorption spectrometer, balances, and other instruments as required to perform duties.
¨ Receives rush samples, prioritizes samples and tests, analyzes samples and reports results in a timely manner as specified.

Country of the law under which the contract is placed : India

Working time: Full-time

6 Months
Beginning: 2014-12-01
End: 2015-05-31
Duration 6 Months

Location of Internship
571122 Mysore District (in) - Karnataka, India

Characteristics of ideal applicant :
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +11
Job is accessible to persons without qualification
Job accessible to persons without experience

English : Fluent

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